Engage in the Invasion of Falador

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Engage in the Invasion of Falador Empty Engage in the Invasion of Falador

Post  newsfromgery on Wed Oct 21, 2015 2:35 pm

Two weeks of White Knight vs Black Knight action is available in Runescape now. Hurry up to engage in the combat to get unique rewards and enjoy the city's graphical rework. There is no requirement to join in the event, and you will definitely get generous rewards from the event.

Join the activity and earn extra XP

You can visit Falador and take part in available activities to start the game. You can earn Combat XP by fighting with White Knights, Black Knights or duelling champions. For Construction or Woodcutting XP, you can fight with Sabotage catapults. Besides, you can heal injured soldiers to gain Herblore or Constitution XP.

Get RS gold and unique rewards from the activity

Apart from the extra XP, players are able to get Falador commendations by performing any of these activities. These stackable units of currency can be converted into supply caches (which yield XP lamps), resource bundles, unique rewards, bobblehead pets and more.

more details: RSorder

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