Starting Strategies for Deadman Mode: Tips to Every Skills

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Starting Strategies for Deadman Mode: Tips to Every Skills

Post  newsfromgery on Tue Oct 27, 2015 1:40 pm

Deadman mode will come to Old School a few days later. Have you come up with some strategies to ensure you can win victory in the first battle?

Always keep in mind that skilling comes first in Deadman mode. Be sure to level up you skills in the game as soon as possible. Here our tips on how to level your skills fast in Deadman mode.

Farming: non-safe, besides a couple tree location. Great for cash, but not worth risk.

Woodcutting: safe, but not all trees will be available. This could be insane cash in the first month if combined with fletching/alchemy.

Firemaking: besides being needed for a few quests…no!

Cooking: safe with multiply ranges to train on AFK. Food will be in high demand, especially in the start! It will give over 1 million exp per hour!

Fishing: most non-safe because it is an AFK skill! Similar to woodcutting, but no alchemy involved and this leads to less GP.

more info: RSorder

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