Deadman Mode Starting Strategies: Tips to Every Skills

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Deadman Mode Starting Strategies: Tips to Every Skills

Post  DAlbinoOne on Tue Oct 27, 2015 8:48 pm

Agility: several safe rooftop courses, starting at 30 Agility. Need for quest, shortcuts, and better run regeneration. Decent cash from Marks of Grace, which are needed for stamina potions.

Construction: safe when training w/ butler, and can bank in safe zone. Supplies will be very hard to come by, and very expensive. And this means that certain mechanics are extremely valuable.

Runecrafting: only trainable in dangerous areas. Inventory space is limited from pouches, teles, and essence. Runecrafting can be very profitable which certain very hard requirements.

Magic: some training methods such as enchanting and alchemy will be able to train in safe zones.

Combat: Some combat training will be available in safe zone such as White Knights and Guards.

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