Skilling Pets Will Release To Old School soon

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Skilling Pets Will Release To Old School soon Empty Skilling Pets Will Release To Old School soon

Post  newsfromgery on Thu Nov 05, 2015 2:41 pm

While you are playing Deadman mode, don't forget your Old School Runescape. The good news is that skilling pets will come to Old School this Thursday. Besides, the Clan Cup 2015 will be kicking off soon in Nov. Yes, it is time for you to make some preparation for the new updates.

Skilling pets will be rare to obtain

It is not easy to get one of the skilling pets. You will have to do far more than your every day skiller in order to see one pop up behind you. Chances are that you won't even get one pet even when you get a 99 in a skill. It will not be quicker to get the pet by doing faster, lower level activities. However, you are more likely to get one if you spend longer time for skilling. If you are in need of Runescape 2007 gold when level up your skill, you can buy RS 07 gold cheap on RSorder.

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