How to gain more deadman gold quick in deadman mode?

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How to gain more deadman gold quick in deadman mode? Empty How to gain more deadman gold quick in deadman mode?

Post  newsfromgery on Fri Nov 06, 2015 1:43 pm

If you want to stand out from tens of thousands of Deadman mode players, you have to gain enough Deadman mode gold to help you. However, it is not easy to make money in Deadman mode. Chances are that you will lose more while trying to kill others in the game. Maybe a easier way you can opt for is to buy Deadman gold?on RSorder.

Here are some ways you can try to make money quickly in Deadman mode:

Train one skill high enough to sustain yourself

One can only save 3 skills in Deadman mode, and this makes a lot of items and high-level skilling gear in very high demand. It can be wise for you to train a skill that other people may not train high enough but still need items from, such as Crafting, Fishing, Cooking, Runecrafting, Smithing, etc. You can train your combat stats to 30 attack Strength and Defence. Magic or Range is also possible, its up to you.

Thieving cake and silk at Ardougne

Thieving is one of the most useful skills to gain OSRS Deadman gold in game. For lvl 1-5 thieving, pickpocket other players can be great choice. When it comes to lvl 5-20 thieving, you can steal cake from the cake stall at Ardougne. Once you achieved lvl 20 thieving, you can thieve silk from the silk stall and sell it to the players who say "Buy 1200" or anything along those lines.visit RSorder to get more info about deadman mode.

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