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Post  Redeem on Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:21 pm

Jagex wrote:
Exchanging Jagex items or benefits in other online games, for real-life money/items or other real-life services is not allowed.

You should never give your account details to someone in order for them to obtain items for you, or increase the levels of your character.

This includes any item, or service not within a Jagex Ltd product.

Remember that your Jagex account, and anything that goes with it, remains the property of Jagex Ltd.

We don't want our games to allow players to buy their way to success; if we let players start doing this it devalues the game for others. We feel that your status in real life shouldn't affect your ability to be successful in the game.
Can I offer in-game rewards for forum games/threads?

No, exchanging out- of-game benefits for in-game rewards is against the rules and is considered a form of real world trading.
Can I get someone else to level up my account for me?

No, this is power levelling and is considered cheating.

Like jagex said we are not a real life trading section. You can Buy, sell and trade in game items but not real life items or anything like that such as money.

Good luck!

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