Tips for Darkscape Combat

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Tips for Darkscape Combat Empty Tips for Darkscape Combat

Post  newsfromgery on Tue Jan 12, 2016 1:50 pm

Combat update will release to Darkscape soon.Here are RSorder's tips for Darkscape Combat update.
Set up best gear for Combat update

It is wise for you to keep rolling with your Blisterwood staves, but instead of Skele or going naked you should keep your Royal Dhide on. Royal D'hide will be the best to use against Range/Mage. You may also use Drago Daggers if you don't want to risk runes. Dragon Daggers will be optimal for their specs if you're using like a RCB or something.
Combat update PvP theories

Since Ancients got nerfed down by 10 tiers and this makes ranged an even better option besides the obvious arrow changes and set bonuses. Ancients should be rarely used in PvP unless you want to look for the most max damage. That is to say, RCB & Royal D'hide while on Normal spellbook for polypore strike, Snares, and Teleblocking will be optimal.


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