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Post  kuiariun on Fri Aug 24, 2012 12:24 pm

-Cross Buy gives buyers of PS3 titles the PS Vita

titles (with games like Sly Cooper, All-Stars, and

Ratchet Full Frontal Assault)
-Assassin's Creed Liberation Trailer
-Call of Duty Black Ops Vita Bundle Pack
-Call of Duty Black Ops trailer
-PS1 Classics Coming August 28
-Media Molecule's new IP, TearAway, an adventure game

for Vita. You play as Iota in a paper world. The guy

playing on stage seems to be holding a new Vita, with a

black border (instead of silver). The trailer looked

really good.
-Killzone Mercenary for Vita. Graphics look freaking

-Playstation Mobile, snack-sized games for Android and


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