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Post  kuiariun on Fri Aug 31, 2012 1:24 pm

Money Making: In Order of Difficulty and combat levels.

High Level combat:
-God Wars Dungeon is another massive cash collector for some players who do not like PVP as much as others. The beasts within the Godwars can hit tremendously high, but if you know the tricks to beat them in a team or possibly by yourself you can obtain great wealth from this.

High Level combat:
-Corporal Beast is a good way to make cash, but is risky. Most players choose to "3 item" which is often good because if you die with an expensive item, you will not get a grave for it. The Spirit Sigils they drop are one of the most expensive items you can buy that are a drop currently.

High Level to Low Level combat:
-Currently at the moment Player Vs Player is one of the top money makers. The one bad side, if you die A LOT you will lose money. But you can get a statue that you trade for 5 million GP!

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