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Post  sonu22 on Fri Nov 09, 2012 7:29 am

1.Hi igxe is selling Runescape game gold, look the reference price:

250M RS Gold USD$ 156.11

200M RS Gold USD$ 124.89

150M RS Gold USD$ 93.66

100M RS Gold USD$ 62.44

70M RS Gold USD$ 43.71

50M RS Gold USD$ 31.22

40M RS Gold USD$ 24.98

35M RS Gold USD$ 21.86

30M RS Gold USD$ 18.73

20M RS Gold USD$ 12.49

It is a part of the price list, and of course the price change with time,follow

our real-time pirce list.

2. And second, ensure the safety of our customer’s account ,we set up a program that can indentify the customer’s ip,and trade you with the accout that suitable for your ip. We are a virtual gold trade website since 2006,with professional and honest coustomer service, so we can ensure 100% safety.

Payment method:
Paypal via paypal credit card google checkout

Delivery method:
By mail/post system in game

Face to face

3. you can add my facebook: to join our activity to win

“20m gold account” welcome to you.

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