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When WoW cast off its 40-man raids, it experienced allegations of oversimplified material and pandering to the smallest typical denominator.  While the choice to do this and present a Raid Locater meant more individuals than ever got to see the mission's best material, it had the accidental impact of driving away some of the more serious players... which was not excellent.The serious MMO players are your mission's evangelists. While they're there, putting in a lot of a opportunity to be the best , they offer a standard the relax of your group can desire to accomplish. The knowledge some players are willing to operate this hard in the headline offers confidence it must be value doing. If those individuals go however and, in some cases, even begin lamenting that game play and style isn't what it once was, there's trouble a-brewing.This is why WildStar will once again function 20 and 40-man raids. It's a questionable move, but one Snow feels is important to the mission's success. Many  individuals were saying 'well I don't have a lot of a opportunity to do those,' or 'I don't have the capability to discuss with all these individuals.' We don't have Looking For Raid, we only have Looking For Group, which is for the 5-person material. The purpose that we did this was because we wanted to motivate group and players speaking with each other.

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