Answers about Jaguars to Adopt RS Big Cat & Support WWF's Conservation Work

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Answers about Jaguars to Adopt RS Big Cat & Support WWF's Conservation Work

Post  rsrainbow on Wed Jul 22, 2015 2:25 pm

After new portables added into RS3, Jagex now allow all players to adopt four in-game companions by donating bonds to World Wrestling Federation (WWF). And Jagex has promised that they will donate at least £2.85 per bond to WWF’s Conservation Work. Come to see the specific answers for quiz and how to adopt companions.

How to adopt a big cat in Runescape

1. Talk to Conservationist in Burthorpe to get started

2. Join in Big Cats edition of the Drop every 30mins, where you need to answer questions to earn points which can be used to adopt companions and unlock titles. The Big Cats quiz lasts two weeks, the first week about Jaguars (up to 12 points to be earned) and the second week about Tigers (up to 24 points to be earned).

3. Speak to the Conservationist to donate to WWF using Bonds. Jagex promises to donate £2.85 to WWF per bond at least. Note that non-Ironmen gets 7 Treasure Hunter keys per bond donated. Further, you can purchase bonds for runescape gold.

4. Speak to the Conservationist to open the Sanctuary interface, where you can collect your companions and unlock your titles.

Specific answers for this week’s The Drop

more important info at:

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