Convert Unique Drops into Zulrah Scales in OSRS Upcoming Poll

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Convert Unique Drops into Zulrah Scales in OSRS Upcoming Poll

Post  rsrainbow on Tue Jul 28, 2015 12:49 pm

This is a busy month for both Jagex and Runescape 2007. After introducing Cerberus Boots with gold trim, Jagex has announced that the upcoming poll in RS 2007 will include the option to convert the unique drops into Zulrah scales. Though no one know how it will work, there are still some reasons to make it live.

A plan to convert Zulrah items into scales on the upcoming poll

Anyway, the option should be voted for the following reasons:
1. It will prevent blowpipes, magic fangs and serpentine helmets from forever dropping in value and create a needed item sink for them.

2. People with extra items could convert them into scales to make the items more useful.

3. The long term price of the unique zulrah items would be stable and would keep zulrah profitable for people who end up killing it say 1-2 years later and wouldn't miss out on the benefit of the early bird people who killed zulrah when it came out.


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