Delay of The Light Within in RS3 is a Good Call to Produce Less-Bug Contents

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Delay of The Light Within in RS3 is a Good Call to Produce Less-Bug Contents

Post  newsfromgery on Thu Aug 20, 2015 2:15 pm

Delay of The Light Within in RS3 is a Good Call to Produce Less-Bug Contents
Jagax just announced that the scheduled Grandmaster quest, The Light Within, was delayed and instead, will come in Runescape next week. Well, some greatest players who are eager to use the new spells and prayers to rebuild Seren for rewards would be disappointed for the extra waiting. However, from another point of view, the delay is a good call for Jagex to bring less-bug contents and provide better gameplay experience.
Reasons to applaud Jagex’s decision in delaying The Light Within
It never be surprised that complaints are always popped up from Runescape community due to Jagex’s process to release rushing contents, which came out with many bugs or glitches. It is not appreciated to meet the 1 update per week in Runescape regardless of whether it is ready for release or not. For most of players, they don't mind waiting longer for content if the waiting can come with improved gameplay experience. Thus, many players stated that they applaud Jagex’s decision in delaying The Light Within and rather have a week without any updates than an update week which is full of bugs.
There are certainly a lot of players complaining about the lack of updates this week, but according to players’ opinion, there would be many times the number of people complaining if Jagex release this content far before it is ready. The Light Within look like to majorly change a lot of mechanics in the game, so they should be properly tested and fleshed out before going live. And in this way, players who haven’t reached the required 80 Level for some skills can do the final effort with cheap rs 3 gold within this week.
The delay might not ensure bug-free contents, but it is a good call
Jagax must know that a lot of people would be upset for the delay, but why they still did so? The community believed that their attitude, at least towards large content updates, has changed this time around, wanting to smooth out the edges and fix everything. It is obviously 7 days is not a lot of time to fix, test, and deploy fixes to broken content, which is one of the reasons why some players don’t appreciate the delay. However, for some other players, this is a huge step in the right direction, and a good call to create a less-bug content.
Like it or not, the one-week waiting won’t be so long, the master quest will come soon. Besides, players can get multi action bars and ironman bossing that would come next week as well. Get ready for these new contents? Welcome to RS3gold and buy Runecape 3 Gold cheap with fast delivery within 15 minutes.

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