Kill Commander Zilyana To Get Saradomin's Light

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Kill Commander Zilyana To Get Saradomin's Light

Post  newsfromgery on Sat Sep 05, 2015 1:09 pm

Latest update of old school runescape brings new barrows features and Saradomin's light to old school runescape players. Barrows features make your tunnel raiding more enjoyable, while Saradomin's light can help you see through the pesky darkness of Zamorak's evil. It seems that Saradomin's light is more appealing, right?

Kill Commander Zilyana To Get Saradomin's Light

Saradomin's light drops from Commander Zilyana. The evil that falls over the Zamorakian area of the God Wars Dungeon taunts many of the adventurers that brave the icy battlefield. Only those who have let in the light of Saradomin can see through the darkness it causes. Saradomin's light will permanently remove the darkness from the Zamorakian section of the God Wars Dungeon once it has been used. With the help of Saradomin's light, the 'invisibility' issue can be fixed, and you will be able to brighten up your trips to take on K'ril forever.


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