Get Lost Sword of Raddallin & More from Treasure Hunter

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Get Lost Sword of Raddallin & More from Treasure Hunter

Post  newsfromgery on Thu Oct 22, 2015 5:24 pm

A new round of treasure hunter came to Runescape - Lost Sword of Raddallin. Do you want to get the amazing weapon and other rewards?

Get the Sword of Raddallin and more rewards:

You will get the Sword of Raddallin while you are doing the tasks. In addition, you can get an increase in maximum level for the sword - up to 75, one and two-handed cosmetic overrides of the sword (a unique stance, shown when the sword is wielded). Besides, you will get mystery boxes which contains various Treasure Hunter goodies and commendations. The final mystery box has a greater yield of prizes.

Gain extra XP and contribution from Treasure Hunter

You can use different skill each day and earn XP with the skill. Besides, you can increase your personal and community contribution – which unlocks unique rewards. However, you will need tools to do this. You'll get 100 basic tools on log-in. Of course, you can also buy small and large tool packs from the Loyalty Points store. If you need RS gold, you can buy cheap RS 3 gold on RSorder.

source: RSorder

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