Spend Summer Holiday in RS 3 Beach Party

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Spend Summer Holiday in RS 3 Beach Party Empty Spend Summer Holiday in RS 3 Beach Party

Post  rsrainbow on Wed Jul 01, 2015 1:32 pm

With the close of World Event Tuska, it is time to enjoy life during the summer holiday, hanging out on the beach and sunbathing on the towels. It’s cool, ha? Runescape Beach Party is in full swing now. You can get 50% off cheap runescape gold on RSorder Summer Holiday Scaping to enjoy beaching!

Relax yourself and train your skills on the beach

The Beach Party will last until the end of August. During this period, you can be able to relax with your friends and join in the featured activities, like:

Fight Clawdia which can scales to your life points down.

Build Sandcastles with the clues for Construction XP...

Which one do you prefer, the Beach Party or Tuska?

When the Beach Party is open, many people can hardly wait to join it. The Beach Party is more social than Tuska of course. Tuska is aimed to the daily stab, and players earn points through slayer, agility or wc. However, in the Beach Party, people can meet some cool people, make some friends and take part in some new content together.

all info: http://www.rsorder.com/news/spend-summer-holiday-in-rs-3-beach-party-and-rsorder-holiday-scaping

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