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Post  kuiariun on Thu Sep 13, 2012 11:48 am

here are several ways in RuneScape to make quick money to give your character the edge. While the traditional way of fighting monsters and completing quests can earn players some money, many other ways exist that involve the player’s skill levels and ways of using skills to make items that other players want.

One way to make money in RuneScape is, of course, merchandising. If players are able to fill a need, they will find that they are aptly rewarded for it. An example of this is if a character with level forty cooking and fishing skills. This allows the character to cook lobsters, which then sell for around 200 gold pieces. While this is a time consuming process, it does result in a 100 percent profit.

Another way to make money is to stay on Tutorial Island after completing the training. Players can find a variety of items on the island that they can hold on to and then sell later in the game. Players can also make some quick money using the supplies they begin the game with. Players start with a good amount of runes, but if they sell these runes right away, a beginning player can start out with a good amount of gold.

The world and economy of RuneScape can often mimic real life. An example of this is supply and demand. If players learn how to master this idea, they will get far in either world. For example, the silk trader in Al Karad is willing to let his silks go for 2 coins each. If players buy a hundred silks from him and deposit them in a bank, they can easily sell them for 60 coins each to a silk trader in Ardougne. This allows gamers to make an easy profit of 58 coins for each silk sold. The game is filled with many such money-making opportunities like this that the savvy player can take advantage of.

The skills and levels in RuneScape help to simulate the way people work and live in the real world. If players find something that they are good at in the game, then there is certainly a way to advance their level and turn it into something that they can make money doing. For example, players that enjoy mining can mine coal and other ores and sell them to other players. Crafting, likewise, can result in a good business creating and selling bowstrings. Making money in RuneScape is by no means a chore; if done right, players can have fun and rake in a large amount of gold.

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